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The Life-Changing, Step-By-Step Guide To Help Teens, Tweens And Young Adults Face The Real World And Achieve Success. You Can Get Your FREE Copy Today And Just Pay $9.95 For Shipping and Handling. 
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Most Everything I've Learned Organized Into Four Simple Sections
I have poured my heart and soul into this book - turning 40 years of my own successes and failures into four engaging and easy-to-follow sections.
In a world driven by social media and external validation - this teaches young people how to build the right support network. What kind of person do they want to be? And what kind of values do they need to succeed?

College and Jobs
This section shows young people how to choose a college that is suited to them and not graduate with a huge debt. Once they've graduated, I'll teach them how to create a resume, interview well, and succeed in their workplace.

The stuff they don't teach young people in math class. I cover how to manage checking, savings, credit, credit score, taxes, insurance, and legal documents. And of course, how to save for the future and stay out of debt. 
Daily Living
This section covers everything in between! From how to buy a car, order a passport, cook healthy food, enter your first share house, complete household chores - plus much, much more. 
The Crucial Life Skills That The School System Isn't Teaching
I'm going to let you in on a little known secret: Just because your child is at school, does not mean they are learning the essential skills to set them up for a good life. It's a tough and challenging world out there - and unfortunately, schools just don't prepare kids for the bumpy road ahead.
I've seen it time and time again - the roaring fire inside young adults that is quickly smothered when they face the real world.

My name is Scott Paly - I'm a Father, Entrepreneur, and Author. My mission is to help teens and young adults transition into adulthood with practical tips and advice that they just don't learn in school. I am showing the next generation that they can achieve whatever they want in life - as long as they have the right guidance and know-how to "Get It Together."

The Secret To Success Lies In Small, Consistent Daily Habits
When I think of success, I don't think about how much money someone has. I believe that the true definition of a successful life is pursuing your passion and doing it well. And it is the small habits you create today that will help you flourish tomorrow.
"Get It Together" helps to create responsible, moral, and productive adults by giving them the tools to make the right decisions. Because let's face it - no one becomes a roaring success overnight. It is the small goals and healthy life habits that will eventually skyrocket your success - and my book teaches this decision-making process in a fun, relatable, and compelling way. And the best news? I am so excited to share this advice with young people that I am offering it completely FREE for a limited time only - just pay shipping and handling.  

Transform Your Teen’s Life And Make Sure They Don't Get Caught Up In The Wrong Crowd 
Unfortunately, it's become far too easy for American teens to wind up headed in the wrong direction. It’s not always their fault -- teenagers are now being raised by social media, turning away from parents and to their friends first for advice, and even neglecting school or turning to drugs. And with an adolescence like this - it is no wonder they find it challenging when they're sent out into the real world.
"Get It Together" teaches real-life skills - so young adults can not only survive, but thrive in the adult world. They will learn essential skills like how to take care of themselves, how to avoid becoming buried in debt, how to get into college, and much, much more. Now is the time to help a teen, tween or young adult to live the life that they deserve!

I Created "Get It Together" To Give The Next Generation The Tools For Success
As a successful businessman, entrepreneur, husband, and father - I wanted to do something to give back to the community. And being a father myself, I started to become worried about the upcoming generation - which is what led me to share my knowledge on how to create a full and rewarding life.

Culture, work ethic, and communication are among the many things that kids aren't learning nowadays. And while my book alone won't solve these problems - I can only hope it will be a catalyst for change and create a ripple effect toward more mentor programs. If I can help even one young adult to become the very best version of themselves - I will be happy. This is why I have decided to give away my life-changing book for FREE - just pay shipping and handling.

Here Is A TINY Fraction Of What You'll Discover In These Pages…
Whether they want to move out of home, land their first job, or start saving for their future - "Get It Together" is here to help. Here's what you'll learn in my book that is helping transform the lives of young people:
  • How The Little Decisions You Make Today Will Skyrocket Your Success
  • How To Seize The Opportunities Given to You In A Country That Offers Endless Freedom
  • The ONE Thing That The Most Successful People Have In Common
  • ​How to Write A Resume, Interview Well, And Land Your Dream Job
  • ​How To Manage Money So You Don't Fall Into The Endless Cycle Of Debt
  • ​How To Build The Right Support Network Of Friends, Family, And Mentors
  • ​How To Optimize Your Health - From Cooking Well To Getting Regular Exercise
  • ​Plus Much, Much More
Here's What The Most Successful People In The World Have In Common
The science is in - a mentor increases a student's likelihood of attending college by fifty percent. You see, A mentor doesn't just offer young adults and teenagers information and knowledge - they also encourage them to become the best version of themselves and give them that extra push.

Take Oprah Winfrey - who attributes her massive success to her mentors - and once stated that "a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself." Or take Bill Gates, who admits that without his mentor Warren Buffet, Microsoft may not exist. In fact, many of the most renowned figures in the world have later given thanks to their mentors. While "Get It Together" can never replace the careful guidance of a human mentor - it encourages young people to make stronger connections and ask for help. 
Don't Fall Into The Same Trap As The 34% Of Americans That Have ZERO Savings
It's a scary thought - more than one-third of American families have zero savings. They live pay-check to pay-check, week to week - and when an emergency expense comes along, they feel stressed and helpless. Most families still fail to save for retirement.

But the good news is that with some careful planning and tactics, this can be avoided. "Get It Together" teaches young adults how to avoid debt, save for the future, manage credit cards, and understand legal and financial documents. With a little guidance, the future generation can develop a healthy relationship with money.
Here's What People Are Saying About "Get It Together…" 
So, I bought 2 books originally and just finished ordering 2 more - and probably should have ordered one for each of our nieces and nephews. I'll be back, I am sure! 
Amazon Customer
This book provides great information for all. It can teach valuable life skills that currently aren't being taught in schools, and prepare our teenagers for real life.
W. Patterson
What an awesome gift for any young person about to embark on their journey into adulthood. I purchased the book as a gift for a brilliant young man about to head-off to college. 
Dean Trumbull

Attention parents, educators, youth group leaders, therapists, clergy & mentors:
For A Limited Time Only You Can Receive My Life-Changing Book For FREE - Just Pay Shipping & Handling Of $9.95.

That's all there is to it - I'll cover the cost of the book, all that I ask of you is a small fee to help me with the shipping and handling.

What's the catch? To be honest - I just want to help create a generation of responsible, hard-working, and productive adults. I firmly believe that everyone is capable of a successful, prosperous life - they just need the systems and guidance. And as American Citizens - don't you want to see the next generation thrive?

Order" Get It Together" today and join the movement of caring adults who are helping young people grow into competent, confident, and successful adults.

Extremely Limited Time Offer

Extremely Limited Time Offer
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